I was once told that throwing away my fortunes that come in the cookies at Chinese restaurants was bad luck. I believed it.  I went to the Container Store, headed straight for the Kitchen Aisle and found a jar. It’s glass with an orange ring around the top and a phrase written in French. I had a few fortunes in my wallet, stained by shifting coins, which formed a layer on the bottom of my jar. People who know about my jar give me their fortunes, so each phrase is tied carefully to a memory and I place those among mine. It’s a tree of scattered wisdom leaves. Atop the pile is a fortune that reads “You find beauty in ordinary things, don’t loose that ability.” I like that fortune, probably because I live by it. There is so much beauty to be found in paths traveled everyday. The rays of the setting sun resting in centerfield, the waves churning seaweeds in the ocean, the birds whistling softly outside English class. It’s in these flowers too. Pure beauty. So search; closely; for the true fortune of everyday beauty.

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  1. Grace

    I recently caught the end of the movie “American Beauty”. And while the end is not particularly beautiful, I do recall Kevin Spacey’s most poignant line “there is just so much beauty in the world”. I think about that often.

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