Licorice Rope, The Golden Gate

“MMMM. Sweet red-licorice ropes from the candy store on Market Street?”

No. This scrumptiously chewy looking rope would shatter your teeth if you chomped into it. Its not for the sweet tooth to savor at the Giants game with buttery popcorn and a six dollar mustard Frank. It doesn’t come in a twist-tied plastic bag from the shop that smells like taffy, fudge, and chocolate bars. No. It, in fact, is a cable. One of the thousands lining the Golden Gate. Dripping with wind-dried “International Orange” paint from seventy-two years of touch ups. A single line, shouting to be photographed against the blustery sky with its luminous rain clouds. And while its vibrant color would paint a cool blue summer sky in warmth, its place amongst the gray makes it shine.

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